Anisha Newbill as Nina Simone

“In Her Words” is a musical theatrical production– shorter than your average play, but longer than a vignette. Approximately 40 minutes long, it is follows the story of a college student, Cass who is visited by the spirit of her poetic heroine Lucille Clifton. Lucille carries Cass through a historical timeline that highlights some of the world’s most premiere talents and their individual stories of survival and personal courage through days of racism, hatred and legal segregation. Learn more about the production here.

“In Her Words” is appropriate for all age groups.

To bring “In Her Words” to your venue for Black History Month (February), Women’s History Month (March), Black Music Month (June), Kwanzaa (December) or any other type of event, please contact us at

Read some of the feedback from audience members during and after the performance.

2 thoughts on “Bookings

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  2. The performance at the Oxen Hill Library was great. I would like you and/or your cast to interview with my daughter, Richeen. She will place the interaction on her site for more advertisement of your great project(s). Continue spreading the needed knowledge.

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