Liberated Muse Arts is grateful for the support of community partners who have provided monetary and in-kind support to “In Her Words”. Sponsorship is invaluable and allows us to travel, advertise, and tend to basic production needs. Our production needs are small, but sponsorship is essential to help us continue our work. We have sponsorship packages that start as low as $10.

To receive a sponsorship package, email us at LiberatedMuseProductions@gmail.com.


Special thanks to the contributors to our 2013 tour:

Thank you to all of the amazing contributors to our two month Indiegogo campaign intended to support a 2013 tour of our production In Her Words. Below are the names of our contributors, amount they contributed (some chose to have the amount undisclosed) and the perk they will receive for contributing, if applicable. For a full listing of perks, visit here.

Rebecca Renard

Anonymous Contributor $20 – THEIR EYES ARE WATCHING

Anonymous Contributor $50 – FEELING GOOD


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