What They Say

On behalf of the Peace Corps, I want to thank you and the other cast members of In Her Words for celebrating National African American History Month with us…We were all greatly impressed by your play and its insights into the lives and social influence of the remarkable Black women depicted in In Her Words.
Aaron Williams, Director of the United States Peace Corps
“What a breathtaking performance Liberated Muse. I was inspired and empowered all over again as a Black Woman through a group of African-American Women who did a powerful spoken work/singing performance, sharing the life of artist and writers such as Billie Holiday and the influence their music and activism had in light of Social Justice.”
B. Mushenye, audience member
“I was extremely satisfied with the program and professionalism of the troupe.”
A. Thomas, Education Director, Smithsonian Anacostia Museum
As manager of the Capitol View Neighborhood Library, I write to thank you and your
production company, Liberated Muse Arts, for the presentation of “In Her Words” …  On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 = poor; 2 = average; 3 = satisfactory; 4 = excellent; 5 = outstanding), 94% rated the presentation a “5″ …The statements of customers clearly revealed their
appreciation of the production.  In one word, they frequently described the performance as “great,” ”exceptional,” “inspirational,” “excellent,” and ”beautiful.”    Several attendees connected the  informative content with the significance of the women and their times, pointing out that your format presented a remarkable “history lesson.”
P. Mills, DC Public Library System
“Thank you!! The performance was so beautiful, so professional…and inspiring…
You are a wonderful cast of true artists.”- P. Neal, audience member and songwriter/singer
Thank you for writing this piece. It should be performed all over the country as these ladies (and many more) will be lost to future generations if you don’t save them with this piece.  Thank you for your contributions to the arts.”
D. Stevens, audience member and actress in television series “In Our Lives”
“Thank you to Khadijah and the actresses of In her Words for reminding us
about the beauty of our culture through song and words. The play was
informative and thought-provoking!”
T. George, audience member, singer/songwriter and 2012 IN HER WORDS tour sponsor
“We would love to have you all back as [In Her Words] was a highlight of our 2013 programming.” S. Palmieri, Alexandria Virginia Library System
I thoroughly enjoyed this performance. Every actress was wonderful and I learned a lot.”
N. Parker, audience member, author of Her Story, His Glory

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